Life Science Reagents Faq

Direct PCR lysis Reagent

Is direct PCR lysis Reagent time-saving?

Especially for mouse tail, year or chicken yolk or cell culture the Gentaur Lysis reagent really saves PCR time after freshly preparing 0.2-0.4 mg/ml Proteinase K.

How to use direct PCR lysis Reagent?

To disrupt the cells add Gentaur Viagens lysis solution and rotate the tubes in a hybridization oven at 55°C for 5-6 hrs or until no tissue clumps are observed.

Is direct PCR lysis Reagent environment-friendly and safe to use?

The volumes are that small that the reagent becomes neutralized in the sink. No DNA intercalating agents are used.

Can we achieve high yields with direct PCR lysis Reagent?

Shake big tissue clumps to higher the yield and be sure to inactivate the proteinase K at 85*C for 1 hour before starting PCR

Use minimum 2 mm to 5 mm of tail for 0.5-1.0 µl of lysate that are sufficient for 50 µl PCR reaction.

What is the success rate of using direct PCR lysis Reagent?

For hard tissues shake more and increase incubation time.

How direct PCR lysis Reagent helps with the problem of crude extracts in samples during PCR amplification?

Use only clean mouse tails

Does direct PCR lysis Reagent inhibit the PCR amplification?

Only non-disactivated proteinase K will lysate TAQ polymerase and inhibit PCR

What are the benefits of using direct PCR lysis Reagent?

Speed, conformity for comparing tissue and cell samples.

How direct PCR lysis Reagent by Gentaur is better than others?

Our protocol is the most published on PubMed and the most universal comparable

How direct PCR lysis Reagent can be stored?

We advise storage at +4*C but one week at 20*C will not harm. Do not freeze.

What is the shelf life of direct PCR lysis Reagent?

On our data sheet is 2 years due to plastic leakage of the vial. For longer storage store in Glass vials.

How can we lyse cells for genomic PCR with minimum pipetting steps?

Pipetting errors make your results non uniform. Our reagent will world wide offer to all researchers comparable results.