The BELT and phenoSEED platforms: shape and colour phenotyping of seed samples.

A portable imaging system (BELT) supported by image acquisition and analysis software (phenoSEED) was created for small-seed optical analysis.

Lentil (Lens culinaris L.) phenotyping was used as the primary test case. Seeds were loaded into the system and all seeds in a sample were automatically individually imaged to acquire top and side views as they passed through an imaging chamber.

A Python analysis script applied a colour calibration and extracted quantifiable traits of seed colour, size and shape. Extraction of lentil seed coat patterning was implemented to further describe the seed coat. The use of this device was forecasted to eliminate operator biases, increase the rate of acquisition of traits, and capture qualitative information about traits that have been historically analyzed by eye.

Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH) subunits, solution

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