With the advent of the Internet, you really don’t have to leave your house or even your couch before you learn something new. So, why would you leave to then fly to Salt Lake City and attend a Summit? Because somethings you can’t learn at home, some experiences can’t be created online, and networking doesn’t always work with personal separation. No man is an island The Healthcare Analytics Summit is happening this year and is presented by Health Catalyst. They are making a difference in the way you and your organization have been seeking when it comes to healthcare analytics.

May previous attendees will be returning due to the wealth of information that is presented each year and the variety of subjects that are covered. No one wants to attend lectures where information is recited like the big auditorium classes we all took in college. This is not the intent that Health Catalyst has with presenting any of their information. In fact, they have gone out of their way to implement technology into their Summits. Health Catalyst has an app dedicated to the Summit where presenters and audience members can communicate, interact and react. Specifically, the HAS ’16 app allows you to:

Be a part of the presentation by answering polling questions
Give direct feedback and submit questions to the presenters
View the entire Summit Agenda so as to make plans for what to attend
Connect and network with other attendees
Participate in earning points, in playing games and enrolling in daily and grand prize winnings

None of this is available outside the Summit nor would you be able to find the caliber of people presenting big topics, even if you truly tried. People like Dr. Don Berwick, former Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who brings years of experience and expertise that spans several decades and includes time as the CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Also lined up to speak is Dr. David Torchiana, who is the President and CEO of Partners HealthCare System, which is working to provide one of the best teaching environments for medical programs in the country. A list of Dr. Torchiana’s and other keynote speakers, as well as presenters, is found here.

It’s not to say that everything that is in the works for the healthcare industry is going to be requirements later on. Some of the innovations and progress being seen and employed in facilities aids in many different areas of treatment and care. Because every organization, whether big or small, is a business and has to financial run in the positive, knowing about value-based reimbursements and penalties for readmissions is essential for profitability, functionality and leads to the ability to provide better care. The healthcare industry is going through so many changes and so many demands for change. Technological advances have made some of these expectations a reality, but implementing all the demands coming down the pike is going to become more and more difficult. As such, getting ahead of the avalanche of anticipations and figuring out the stumbling blocks before they become actual requirements will allow time for discovery and evolution within your organization. The name of the game is getting ahead of the game.

What you don’t know can hurt you in this day and age of digital technology. Understanding more about data governance, especially in light of all the health records hacking in the news. As much as you might think your organization is ready for something like that, you need to know what is going on outside your walls, and what effect it can have on people that you are trying to care for.

The importance of attending a Summit like HAS ’16 isn’t about being lectured to, or about learning some new concepts that might be interesting. It is, in fact, vital to know and understand where the healthcare industry is headed, where it is vulnerable, why data is the key to fact-based decisions and where you are headed. There is nowhere else that

If you are interested in attending the Healthcare Analytics Summit ’18, please click here for further details and a full description of agenda and speakers, click here for registration. See you in Salt Lake City! You are going to get this kind of comprehensive set of people and concepts to help guide you into the future. Don’t lose out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the bombardment of issues that could drag you under and acquire current and relevant information and knowledge that can help you get ahead in your field and industry. Who knows you just might make a great professional connection as many have. This event is going to be both professionally and personally enriching. See you there!

Healthcare Analytics Summits, there is no worry. Plans are already made for the 2018 Summit. Do hesitate as seating is limited and the dates are coming up quickly. Just click on the links above and you will be taken to the current registrations.